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All your questions about Soundation’s real-time collaboration, answered.

Soundation is more than just an online digital audio workstation. It’s a collaboration tool that works seamlessly with other softwares. 

Designed to be simple and straightforward, Soundation is perfect for when you want to have a session with remote collaborators or sketch ideas on the go. It lives on a web browser and is an essential tool to use alongside your go-to DAW. 

While some softwares or plug-ins let you stream audio and share files, Soundation’s multiplayer studio actually lets you and your collaborators all work together in one project in real-time.

There’s no need to wait for everyone to jump on a call either. Having a studio that works as a middle ground between you and your collaborators ensures that everyone is on the same page. Changes are reflected immediately and they can access the most up-to-date version anytime, reducing the need to send project files back and forth.

Unlike other softwares and plug-ins, Soundation also allows everyone to collaboratively experiment with song arrangement.

Plus, it lets you make music within the familiar environment of a DAW. There’s no need to familiarize yourself with a completely new interface.

No. We put music production in a web browser so all you and your collaborators need to do is launching a Chrome browser and signing up for an account on Soundation. 

Once you have an account, head over to the studio and you’re ready to jam. 

Not at all. You can choose to be online at the same time, or come and go as you want. All changes to a project are saved immediately so you and your collaborators always see the most up-to-date version. 

Thanks to our online cloud storage, imported stems and recorded audio are saved in an instant and are safely stored under “Imported sounds” tab in the library. They can be accessed by anyone in the project at any time. No clunky synchronization.

Once you create a collaboration project, click on a “Collaborate” button in the top right corner of the studio. You’ll be able to fill in email addresses or usernames and invite them to the project.

From there, you’ll be able to set project permissions as well. Feel free to read more about that here

There’s no limit. You can invite as many collaborators as you want to the project!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to use VST plug-ins on Soundation at this time. However, as more and more VST plug-ins developers are interested in developing an online version of their products, you might be able to use some of the most well-known plug-ins on Soundation in the future.    

As a user with a Premium account, you’ll be able to:

  • Create up to 10 collaboration projects. 
  • Import and record audio.
  • Use an external MIDI controller.
  • Use automation and Parametric EQ.
  • Get access to 23,000 samples and loops.

    See a full list of Premium perks here.  

Soundation is not available as a mobile app or plug-in at the moment. 

We’re currently working on features that will let you communicate with your collaborators directly in the studio. In the meantime, you can use a service like Discord to chat with your collaborators during a jam session.

It’s not possible to convert solo projects to collaboration projects at the moment. Please make sure to choose a collaboration project when creating a new project from the menu!

Can’t find your answer? Contact us at or submit a contact form here.

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