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Use SPC Drum Module

Level: Pro

SPC is a very powerful drum module capable of not only playing back samples but sonically altering them. Start by loading the SPC on an instrument channel just like any other virtual instrument and choose a drum kit to play.

Now click any of the pads that are loaded with individual sounds for example the KICK.

When a pad is clicked you can alter the sound by using the little window displaying the sound wave.

Gain: is how loud the sound will play.
Pan: is how far left, right or in the center of the stereo spectrum the sound will play.
Pitch: can be lowered or raised by 1 octave giving you a tuning range of 2 octaves.
Cut: means that when this specific sound is triggered it will cut another sound so it doesn’t play anymore. You can choose any sound in the kit to be cut.
Cut by: means that this specific sound will be cut by another sound in the kit.

You can edit start and end times for a sound by clicking and dragging on the lines of the sound wave. This is a very powerful tool for sculpting new sounds. Go crazy with this. The SPC also has 3 knobs with global effects meaning these impact all sounds being played by the SPC.

Punch: Shapes and enhances the attack of each sound to make it more snappy and punchy.
Bite: Colors the sound and gives it more attitude.
MSL: Is ripped straight from The Wub Machine. Use with extreme caution for larger than life sounds.

And lastly there is a bank selector for kits that hold more than 8 sounds.

The SPC, like any other virtual instrument in Soundation Studio, can be played by using the Virtual Keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard. The sounds start on key C3.

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