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GM-2, just like Sam-1, is an instrument sample player for Soundation Studio. GM-2 includes a larger set of instruments in the “General MIDI” standard.

You can browse all instruments using the category drop down menu and the instrument display on the instrument. When you select an instrument category the display will populate with all the available instruments in that category. The category selected as default is Piano.

GM-2 also includes four knobs to shape the playback of the instrument you choose. The knobs are standard “amp envelope” controls that appear throughout many other of our instruments and synthesizers. An amp envelope control the amplitude or the volume movement of the instrument by adjusting the four knobs.

Understanding the Knobs

Attack: Set the amount of time it takes for the note to reach maximum level.
Decay: Set the amount of time it takes for the note to move from maximum level to the sustain level.
Sustain: Set the maximum level (loudness) of the note while it is held.
Release: Set the amount of time it takes for the note to drop to silence after the Sustain level.

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