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80 rnb love keys

RnB Love Keys (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 80 BPM)

Get in the love groove with these silky smooth piano loops. Perfect song starters for that laid back love song for th...

4.99 USD

Whack FX & Stuff (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Whack FX & Stuff contains 50 bizarre sound effects of acoustic and electronic manipulations of mass confusion. Cartoo...

4.99 USD
120 funky acid house

Funky Acid House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Get your groove on with this bouncing pack! A funky bassline fused to a steady house beat with plenty of organic perc...

4.99 USD

Arch (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 65 BPM)

Arch is the 31 loop soundset of "anthemic" elements of RnB, Trap and Hip Hop. Basses, beats, beat stems, synths and F...

4.99 USD

Yakuza (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 90 BPM)

New Urban Asian style killer packed with 39 sound files of Synths, Basses, Beats, Beat Stems and effects. More sounds...

4.99 USD
Bbb2 122

Bar Band Blues 122 (Sound Sets, Blues, 122 BPM)

Old school Blues Rock groove with 12 bar guitar and bass loops in the standard I-IV-V blues chord progression with al...

4.99 USD
140 psytrance

Psy-Trance (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Pulsating bassline, warped synths and tons of Vocal FX drive this Sound Set into a psychedelic frenzy!

4.99 USD
105 electro hop

Electro Hop (Sound Sets, Electronica, 105 BPM)

This retro-fresh Sound Set with a laidback groove will entice your creativity and offers full flexibility with all pa...

4.99 USD
Drumstep vol 2

Drumstep Vol 2 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 175 BPM)

Drumstep is back with a slower, heavier vibe in a big way. Head-bobbing beats and butt moving basslines get you well ...

4.99 USD
125 balkan trap

Balkan Trap (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 125 BPM)

Sitars, Darbukas, Flutes and Brass jam along with a snappy south style beat.

4.99 USD