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Pfx ss 10021

Kickin' Hip Hop Beats (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 95 BPM)

Kickin' Hip Hop Beats is a 25 loop Sound Set with an emphasis on Kickin'. Thud-dation! Kickin' Hip Hop Beats got t...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10013

Urban Classical (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 95 BPM)

Urban Classical combines a string quartet with beats. Cinematic Hip Hop! Urban Classical is a 27 loop Sound set in...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10017

Grime Cutz (Sound Sets, Electronica, 95 BPM)

Grime Cutz is a 24 loop Sound Set that consists of The latest sounds and techniques used to create throbbing tracks a...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10015

Roots Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 80 BPM)

Roots Reggae is a 30 loop virtual band with skanking guitars, booming bass, one drop drums, rootsy percussion and a v...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10014

Drum n Bass (Sound Sets, Electronica, 165 BPM)

Drum n Bass is a 20 loop Sound Set is a twisted, blitz of speed funk. This 20 loop Drum n Bass Sound Set is a twi...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10001

Nu Acid (Sound Sets, Electronica, 136 BPM)

Nu Acid is a 30 loop Sound Set that consists of a modern approach to the rave-o-matic 90s Acid style. Nu Rave! Nu...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10002

Euro Dance (Sound Sets, Electronica, 135 BPM)

Euro Dance is a 28 loop Sound Set that contains the Club Anthem elements currently invading the mainstream. Club char...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10019

Percussion (Sound Sets, World, 130 BPM)

Percussion brings some hot live played rhythms to your tracks. That Island thing. The Percussion Sound Set consist...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10003

Drum Bash (Sound Sets, Rock, 130 BPM)

Bombastic beats abound here with this 20 drum beat set. 5 different kits and 3 different drummers pound out some rock...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10018

UK Funky (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

UK Funky is a 23 loop Set addressing this underground UK club style. Soca-rific! UK Funky is a 23 loop Sound Set t...

4.99 USD