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Bumpkin and Sons (Sound Sets, Country, 100 BPM)

Bumpkin & Sons is the cool folk n roots pack good and wholesome soundset of countrified elements. This 37 loop collec...

4.99 USD
Campfire guitar samplepack

Campfire Guitar (Sample Packs, Country)

Campfire Guitar contains 62 acoustic guitar loops in the smooth folk/country/rock style. Chord progressions in diff...

12.95 USD
Pfx ss 10044

Country Cookin (Sound Sets, Country, 120 BPM)

Country Cookin is a down home, hay stomping, barn burner! The Country Cookin sound set includes 26 loops of banjo,...

4.99 USD
Pfx ss 10010

Green Mountain Boys (Sound Sets, Country, 100 BPM)

Green Mountain Boys is a 20 loop Sound Set of 2-step mountain music. Country AND Western. This down home Sound Set...

4.99 USD
Nashville105 1

Nashville (Sound Sets, Country, 105 BPM)

Nashville is a killer country rockin groove played by some top session pickers and pounders. This soundset contains 2...

4.99 USD